Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hudson Wynn Nutt

Hudson was born August 9, 2011 at 4:19 P.M. He was 7lbs 1oz and 20 in
It was the easiest delivery ever!!! Especially compared to delivering Madilynn :).
I got induced at 8 A.M. my water broke at 9:30 and pushed for maybe 30 minutes at the very most. Epidural was fabulous and didn't wear off. My epidural with Madilynn wore off so I was so paranoid about it wearing off again.
Hudson hates to be undressed. He wants all of his clothes left on him at all times. Cries when I change his diaper even because it's cold....We just barely gave him a bath that he didn't cry bloody murder on us so he must be getting used to it. I think he realized it's warm :)
He has his good nights and his bad nights, but the most so far he has slept is 4-5 hours. But he makes these grunting noises which is really hard to get used too :( can't tell if he is uncomfortable or just really fighting to wake up :). Which is great considering during the day he is eating every 2-3 hours.
I have been pee'd on poop'd on and spit up on so I have be re-broken in to motherhood :)
It's been hard with not having my mom here to help verbally guide me through but I know she is guiding me in different ways :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madilynn's 3rd Birthday!!!

 She just had to open one present before her day even started!
 The balloon is as big as she is :)
 We took her and a friend to this cool place "Kangaroo Zoo" and it was the best place ever for them to burn out all their energy :)

 This is Madilynn's friend Elle

 Trying to get them to pose together was pretty much impossible. But we took what we could get.

 This was so much fun! But man it was super steep!

 Madilynn and Elle

 Momma, Daddy, and Madilynn

 We also took Jeremy's sister with us and man thank goodness because she helped us chase these 2 around.
 She wasn't very happy that we were leaving the jump house but she had no idea what else was coming her way. After we left we went and had McDonald's thinking that the girls would eat and not want to play, ha that was the opposite. Chasing them on the playground at McDonald's was even crazier because us big people don't really fit that well in the playgyms. And I just couldn't believe they still had the energy to play!
 She is totally into Mickey and Minnie mouse so of course we had to get her a Minnie cake! She loved it and wanted to blow out her candles over and over!

 Presents galore and some were as big as she was!!!

Her big present from her Nana and Papa was this car that she can drive or it comes with a remote control that she can sit in and we can drive her around-pretty cool!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Exciting News

Well we found out about 2 weeks ago that we are expecting! We are all super excited and I wanted to try and keep it a secret as long as I could, but it's just not going to happen. If you know me, I am horrible at keeping secrets anyways. I am thinking that my due date is around August 9th so it's going to be a very long and hot summer :) Madilynn doesn't quite understand, but it's fun to talk to her about it. She either grabs tweezers and says she is going to get the baby out or she says that she has a baby in her belly too(Jeremy doesn't like to hear his little girl has a baby in her belly tho). So far no morning sickness or anything like that so I will keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Was a House now our Home

Finally here is a pic of our house. I really want to paint it red or blue. Our neighbors have the same colors but opposite(does that make sense) What do you guys think??

This is at the back of our property, we have our own campsite! It's fun to just hang out back there. It's a work in progress. 

This is the view from the back of our property. During the 4th of July we could see tons of fireworks!

This is the view out our front window. The power lines suck, but hey the view is worth it!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lagoon 2010

So I had seen on KUTV that this past week they were having buy one get one free into Lagoon. And I have been wanting to take Madi, but dang its expensive and if she didn't like it that would have sucked. So we got my brother and my 2 nieces to go with us and we ended up having a blast. Madi would cry every time she had to get off of a ride. She rode on Rattlesnake Rapids with all of us and she didn't quite know what to think about it. I went on the Collasis( I probably spelt that wrong) and I thought I was going to lose my stomach on that first drop. I am just not the same after having Madi. My stomach was weak to begin with but now its even worse. Then I rode the Cliffhanger, and it was fun, but the worst idea ever at 9 o'clock I froze to death! But all in all great first time and I think that we are going to purchase season passes next year!!!!

This was Madilynn's first ride ever. I was kind of nervous that she wouldn't like it-boy was I wrong. She had a blast and luckily I had my niece Tanille there to ride with her.

Tyler, Madilynn, Me, and my niece Taryn.
I was so excited that we could all ride on the same ride. We all got dizzy though because we would keep looking down at her to see if she was having fun and this ride was a boat that swayed back and forth and spun in circles.
Taryn and Madilynn
They went on a ride while the others went on a "big kid" ride. She had so much fun!

Geez I am so glad that I finally started to blog again. I forget how fun it is to share our lives with our friends and family. I am excited too because Jeremy bought me a card reader for my camera which I haven't been able to download pics for awhile because I lost the cord in the move :( and I haven't ever downloaded pics from my new camera and it is awesome. It already makes little albums for me of each day I use it. Best purchase ever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Lives, Our Backyard

So we bought a house back in June, and it was brand new just needed to have a yard put in. Ya right! This has been our whole lives since we moved in. Grading here, putting sprinklers in there, more grading because it wasn't level enough. Then we brought in top soil because the soil we had was more like rocks no soil at all. Then the hydroseeding came and wow I couldn't believe it we almost have grass. Pictures to come of that. We want to post more pics of the house but we want the grass to be seen!! We have put so much work into this yard and more is coming a deck and then tons and tons of parties! We cannot wait till we can have a party/get together at our house!!! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wE sOlD oUr HoUsE

Yes that's right we sold our house! We will be closing the end of January and have to be out by the 28th!!! I am so excited but sad too. Just because this is where we brought Madilynn home too and it was our first purchased house! For right now we are going to be living with Jeremy's parents so we won't be rushed in finding that perfect house. So I of course will try and keep everyone updated!!!